JL50 Web Series Ending Explained: What Happens At The End Of JL50 Web Series?

SPOILERS ALERT: Don’t read the article if you haven’t watched the entire series

Here’s looking at the ending explained of JL50 web series. In this article, we have explained what happens in the end to Shantanu (played by Abhay Deol), how come Gaurongo (played by Rajesh Sharma) appears at the end scene, who is the women with Abhay Deol in flight, and the character that appears in the post-credits scene.

Who is the women with Abhay Deol in the end of JL50?

With Abhay Deol’s career and life completely being changed after the incident of time travel, it is most likely that his wife has also been changed. So the women in the end with Abhay Deol in airplane is his wife.

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Women in the end scene. Photo Credits: SonyLIV | JL50 Web Series

How Rajesh Sharma (Gaurongo) Appears At The End Of JL50 Web Series?

So what is Gaurongo doing on the same flight as Abhay Deol? Appearance of Gaurongo at the end is a mere coincidence. The paths of Abhay Deol and Gaurongo have never crossed after the incident of time travel. Gaurongo (Rajesh Sharma) is just like any other flight passenger. The director has kept him just to keep the audience engaged and hooked up.

Rajesh Sharma in the end scene with Abhay Deol. Photo Credits: SonyLIV | JL50 Web Series

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What happens to Abhay Deol (Shantanu) In JL50 At The End?

Abhay Deol is finally able to reunite with his mother (Bihu). When Bihu gave birth to a baby in 1984, she is informed by her mother that the newborn is no more. However, the baby was well and alive. This thought was put in by Abhay Deol in Bihu’s mind when he time travels in the past. To make sure Bihu and her family’s name is not spoilt, Bihu’s father drops the baby Abhay in the orphanage. After 5 years, somewhere around 1989, Bihu’s parents reveal that they lied to her about the baby. The 5-year old Abhay is then reunited with his mother.

Abhay (Shantanu) celebrating the reunion with his mother – Scene from present day (2019). Photo Credits: SonyLIV | JL50 Web Series

What Happened To Abhay Deol? Is He Still Working With CBI?

What career is pursued by Abhay Deol is not known. Abhay could have been CBI officer if he was still an orphan. With the past being completely changed, it is unlikely that Abhay remained a CBI officer.

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Which character comes at the end of JL50 in post-credits scene?

If you have missed this scene that comes post directors credits scene in the last episode, do watch it. A man is shown coming at the same place where papers with time travel formulas are burnt. That guy is young Pankaj Kapur. He had already told Abhay Deol, moments before shooting him, that he, a young 22-years old would come at sharp 05:00 PM on 20th August 1984 to pick up professor Mitra.

Photo Credits: SonyLIV | JL50 Web Series

Young Pankaj Kapur finds professor Mitra dead. He then leaves the place carrying with him some formulas that were not burnt by Abhay Deol.

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What Happens to Pankaj Kapur’s (Subroto Das) Character at the end of JL50?

As we have seen Pankaj Kapur appearing in the end, he is very well alive. What happens to him after he picks up the formula is not known. Possibly, these questions will be answered in Season 2.

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