Joe Seo of Cobra Kai Age and his Social Media Profiles

Joe Seo is a South Korean actor currently working in the American Film Industry. He has appeared in many shows, web series, and movies. His movie Spa Night was selected by Los Angeles Times as “Top 20 Asian American movies of the last 20 years”.

Joe’s real name is Joseph. His name Joe is just a short form of Joseph. Joe made his brief appearance in YouTube hit show Cobra Kai. Here’s looking at Joe’s current age and his social media profiles where he can be followed on Instagram and Twitter.

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What is the age of Joe Seo aka Kyler from Cobra Kai?

Joe Seo was born on 31st July in the Seoul city of South Korea. Joe’s age is somewhere around 29-30 years of age as of 2020. Joe’s exact birth year is not known. He was born somewhere around 1990/1991. Joe’s acting is what is described as method acting. Critics say he has a bright future ahead.

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Joe Seo Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Joe is on all the social media platforms. He can be followed on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Joe is very much active on Instagram. Joe Seo’s social media profiles are at:


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Will Joe Seo aka Kyler Make a Comeback in Cobra Kai Season 3?

As said, Joe featured in YouTube’s hit show, Cobra Kai in 7 episodes in Season 1. Joe got international recognition when the show went global on Netflix. One daily portal reported that Joe will make a comeback in the Season 3 of Cobra Kai. The show will release its new season in 2021. Joe played the role of Kyler. He did not appear in Season 2 of the show.

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Joe Seo in Cobra Kai.

Apart from Cobra Kai, Joe has also worked in Freedom Writers and Gridiron Gang.

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