Ken Walker Brother Instagram: Kris walker exposes brother on Instagram

Recently there was a Video leaked on Twitter by ‘The Shade Room’ which shows Ken Walker of DK4L’s spotted out with another woman. These have raised questions about Ken cheating on her fiancee De’arra Taylor.

Ken Walker and De’arra Taylor share a very famous YouTube channel, De’arra & Ken 4 Life, also known as DK4L. They started their channel in 2014 and 6.17 million subscribers. Wowww thats huge. They claim they share videos on pranks, QnA and other stories on how a relationship should be. They share relationship goals. But is their life ideal? Are they really ideal couple?

With the recent allegations of Ken cheating on Taylor- has raised questions in the minds of many regarding their relationship.

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Was it Ken Walker or his Twin Brother Kris in the video?

Fans were hoping it was not Ken with other women but his Twin Brother. However, Ken’s white Tesla was also spotted at the parking lot in the video posted by The Shade Room exposing Ken. So, it is highly likely it was Ken. We also have his brother Kris Walker confirming it was not him but his brother Ken Walker 🙁

Ken Walker Brother Instagram: Twin Brother exposes Ken Walker

Kris Walker, Ken’s twin has confirmed on his Instagram account that he was not the one spotted in the video and it was his brother. Kris has 15k followers on Instagram and his handle is @gaia_blue

Ken (Left) and his Twin brother Kris (Right)

Youtube channel ‘The Tea Room’ also shared a video of Kris confirming that his brother might be cheating on his fiancee Taylor and that he was not aware of this before until the video was out.

While fans are crazy about the duo Ken and Taylor and their lifestyle and relationship, it is disheartening to see Ken cheat on Taylor. However, none of them have shared any comments on this incident.

Such situations really raise questions about public following these vloggers and looking upto them for how should relationships be.

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