“Khaali Peeli” To Release On Which OTT Platform? Date of Release of Khaali Peeli Movie

“Khaali Peeli” is an upcoming Bollywood movie. The movie stars Ishaan Khattar and Ananya Pandey in the pivotal roles. “Khaali Peeli” is a slang used in the city of Mumbai. Here’s looking on which OTT platform would Khaali Peeli movie would make its release. And the date of release of Khaali Peeli movie.

OTT Platform Where Khaali Peeli Would Release

Khaali Peeli is produced by Zee Studios. The movie was slated for a 12th June release. It was postponed due to the outbreak of the COVID pandemic. By looking at the response the movies have been receiving after digital release and with no option left looking at the current pandemic, the makers have opted digital route. Khaali Peeli would release on Zee Studios’ own homegrown platform. So Khaali Peeli would make its digital release worldwide exclusively on Zee5. Also, the teaser was released by Zee Studios, which confirms Khaali Peeli’s release on Zee5.

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Khaali Peeli Movie Release Date

According to a report in Pinkvilla, the shooting for one day is still pending for the Khaali Peeli movie. Taking the timing difference between the trailer release and the actual release of the movie, on average, there is 30-35 days of difference. So we can expect Khaali Peeli to release somewhere around September ending or in the first week of October.

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Is Khaali Peeli A Remake of Sadak (1991)?

Going by the first look of the movie, Khaali Peeli looks like a remake of the 1991 hit film Sadak. The similarities in the movies can clearly be seen which is
-Prostitute running for life
-A taxi driver rescuing her
-Both of them eventually fall in love

The title of the movie sounds like “Kaali Peeli”. “Kaali Peeli” is the term used for referring taxis which are black (kaali) and yellow (peeli) in color.

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