KWAN Company: Who is the owner of KWAN, a talent management company?

KWAN talent agency has been in the news for quite a while. For many of them who don’t know, KWAN is a PR agency that manages actors’ and actresses social media account, their media and public image, etc. These agencies such as KWAN also look after celebrities brand endorsements.

Recently, an employee of KWAN, named Jaya Saha was also named in Sushant Singh Rajput’s murder case. The searches for KWAN owner and KWAN company have surged since then. Here’s looking at who is the owner of KWAN Entertainment.

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KWAN Entertainment Owner Name

In the year 2018, after a series of #MeToo allegations, then CEO of KWAN Talent Management Anirban Blah was ousted. Many actresses claimed that Anirban Blan had harassed them. Thereafter, Salman Khan’s own talent agency UBT (Uniworld Being Talented) took a major stake in KWAN’s holding company, a group that KWAN company was a part of. So KWAN came under the direct control of Salman’s UBT. This is how Salman Khan is the direct owner of KWAN Entertainment through UBT. In the year 2018, shortly after KWAN’s acquisition, Salman Khan had tweeted,

“I am UBT (Uniworld Being Talented) and I shall always remain UBT…..”

The reason why KWAN has come in the news is that one of its employees, named Jaya Saha and Karishma Prakash have come under the scanner because of their possession of illegal drugs and hash. Times Now got to know this vital information after they accessed Rhea Chakraborty’s WhatsApp chats.

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KWAN Company’s Clients

KWAN company undertakes PR of actors, sports personalities. Deepika Padukone is the biggest client of KWAN company. Ranbir Kapoor was also a big name associated with KWAN. After Salman’s takeover, whether Ranbir remained as a client of KWAN is not known. Somewhere around November 2019, it has been alleged that Sushant paid around Rs. 33 lakhs to KWAN Talent Management Agency Private Ltd. The reason for the same is not known. It is further not known whether Sushant was actually a client or not of KWAN Talent Management.

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