Lauren And Sushant Chat: Lauren Gottlieb Shares Her Chat With Sushant Singh Rajput

Who is Lauren Gottlieb?

Lauren Gottlieb is an American dancer and actor who predominantly works in the Indian film industry. Lauren played a lead role in the 2013 movie ABCD: Any Body Can Dance. she has also appeared in Indian reality TV show Jhalak Dikhla Ja in the same year.

Lauren and Sushant have known each other since Jhalak Dikhla Ja. Sushant was the first actor Lauren was introduced to. Lauren has appeared in numerous Bollywood movies such as ABCD, Welcome Back, Ghoomketu, Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!, ABCD 2, and Ambarsariya. Sushant and Lauren’s debut movie had released just 2 weeks apart. Lauren Gottlieb took Instagram to share her last chat with Sushant Singh Rajput. The following WhatsApp chat is in between Lauren and Sushant that happened on 8th April, 2016.

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Lauren’s WhatsApp Chat With Sushant

Lauren: Hey You!! How you been? Hope all is well

Sushant: Hey. Am doing great. Shooting in Budapest. How about you?

Lauren: Oh nice! I’m doing good. I feel like everyone around me lately is either like I’m doing Sushant’s hair/makeup, or I’m Sushant’s trainer, etc.. Your name has come up so much in the past couple of days I’m like hmm let me check in with him and say hi lol

Sushant: Hahaha

Lauren: Which film you shooting for now? Still Dhoni?

Sushant: It’s done, will release on 2nd Sept. Now I am shooting for illuminati films

Lauren: Oh nice!

Sushant: And then Dharma in June. How is ur film coming along ?

Lauren: Bad ass! Good for you!

Sushant: That u were shooting for..

Lauren: My film released a few weeks back. It did fab in the box office. Highest grossing punjabi film of all time.

Sushant: Wtfffff..!!!

Lauren: Haha

Sushant: I am so proud of you sweetheart :-))

Lauren: Aww thanks!!

Sushant: What’s next…?

Lauren: I haven’t signed anything next. I definitely want a big Bollywood film. Now I’m saying no to anything small that comes my way. I’m ready for something big. So let’s see. Time to start being ballsy and knocking down doors

Sushant: Yes even I think u should..You know the switch from tv to films was difficult. But I survived because of choices

Lauren: Yea I feel like one you were ready it was very effortless for you

Sushant: First u need to convince urself and the world follows

Lauren: Or at least in the eyes of the public. It just felt right to see you switch. Yea exactly. And I knew I wasn’t ready until now. Actually until I shot for this punjabi film. It being a brand new language. I still crushed it. Last couple films have just been practice and trial and error still getting to know the language and culture.

Sushant: If an avg. looking boy with avergae talent and strong prejudice can make it , trust me anything is possible.. You’ve got everything going for u, … Just have absolute Certainty that’s it’s gonna happen

Lauren: How sweet! Thanks Sushant!! But if you call yourself an average talent again I’ll probably slap you

Sushant: I am not being modest, I am Good only because most of the ones around are mediocre, but for me it’s a long way to go.. You are extremely talented. And extremely passionate. And the drive to cultivar any skills required to achieve ur dreams. Trust me it’s more than enough. Just believe and persist. Just a matter of time sweetheart

Lauren: Thank you so much! You just gave me so much positive energy and motivation. I know what you mean tho. The mediocracy around is astonishing actually. Lots of luck in this industry. But I’m not just trying to toot your horn (I don’t think people still use that saying) you radiate with talent and charisma. And on top of it you are a good human. That’s why everyone loves you. I can’t wait to see your Dhoni

Sushant: Hahah, thank you. Let’s catch up soon whenever we could. Till then just be the way you are rockstar. And let me know if u could be of any help till then. Much love.

Lauren: Thanks love! Let me know when you are back in town and let’s connect! Take care, good luck with the shoot!

A screenshot shared by Sushant’s friend on her Instagram account.

The above chat is shared by Lauren herself on her Instagram account.

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