Meet Rajiv Kumar, Guy Behind “Main Ameer Hu” Video: Main Ameer Hu Viral Video Trend

Months after the “Main Gareeb Hu” guy became internet sensation and meme material, there’s another guy who has come up with witty and yet another humorous video.

In the video titled “Main Ameer Hu”, the uploader takes on his frustration on “Main Garib Hu” video. So who is this guy who featured in “Main Ameer Hu” video?

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The Guy Behind Viral Video “Main Ameer Hu”

The guy behind Main Ameer Hu is named Rajiv Kumar aka Gullu. 2 days after Rajiv uploaded his video, he had over 225K views on his main account and 100K views on his 2nd account.

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His video is exactly the same as “Main Garib Hu” video including the background music. Rajiv’s video is considered as the roast of “Main Garib Hu” video. He also uses the curse word at the end to show his frustration. Another video titled “Main Middle-Class Hu” became viral but not as viral as Rajiv’s video. To carry on this trend, even Ashish Chanchlani uploaded a video titled “Main YouTuber Hu”.

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Originally “Main Garib Hu” video was the trend started by an Instagram user named @sawanlover_. Rajiv also owns a YouTube channel and Instagram account named Subscribe Karo. On his YouTube channel, he uploads short web series and documentary videos.

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