Movies Now HD schedule today 13th July 2020

Movies Now tv channel is an English language movie channel. Movies Now telecasts blockbuster Hollywood movies. The movies which are telecasted in Movies Now channel are wholly in the English language. Movies Now is the part of the Times Now group in India. The schedule and programs consist of western films. Movies Now channel is also available in HD format named Movies Now HD. Although Movies Now and Movies Now HD channels are different, the movies, timings, and schedule remains the same.

The following is the schedule of movies on Movies Now and Movies Now HD.

Movies Now and Movies Now HD today’s schedule

Movies Now and Movies Now HD show timings

Movies Now schedule today 13th July 2020Show Start Time
Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines10:55 PM
Zookeeper12:55 AM
Fists Of Legend02:34 AM
The Wrath Of Vajra04:45 AM
The Valkyrie Legacy06:29 AM
Mr. & Mrs. Smith08:29 AM
Universal Soldier: Regeneration10:27 AM
Knight And Day12:02 PM
IP Man01:56 PM
George Of The Jungle03:47 PM
Death Race05:18 PM
The Girl Next Door07:10 PM
Terminator Salvation09:00 PM
Spider-Man10:59 PM

The above-mentioned schedule is the movie list that will be aired on the Movies Now and Movies Now HD television channel.

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