MS2W Meaning: What is the meaning of this term “ms2w” which is often used on social media?

Since the advent of the Internet and real-time text and WhatsApp messages, abbreviations have widely being used. The real terms that had actual meanings are long forgotten. Have you ever come across the “ms2w” acronym? Did you remotely thought as to exactly what “MS2W” means on social media? Well, here’s the answer.

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Full form of “ms2w” on social media

So the story of “MS2W” abbreviation started way back in November 2019. This was the time when Amazon Prime Video’s original show Mirzapur completed its one year anniversary. Prime Video was taking way too long to release the much-awaited season 2 of the Mirzapur. Fans were highly anticipating the season 2 of the show. Fans would usually ask Prime Video in their posts on social media as to when Mirzapur season 2 will release?

To keep their fans hooked up and engaged, Prime Video made a small abbreviation. They said, whenever you ask us on Instagram/Twitter about the current status of Mirzapur 2, just drop the following comment – “ms2w” instead of writing the long comments. So this “MS2W” means “Mirzapur Season 2 When”.

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So it was Prime Video’s idea to make this short form of “ms2w” for their fans instead of “Mirzapur Season 2 When”. So whenever you see the “ms2w” comments on Prime Video’s social media posts, just remember is an acronym for “Mirzapur Season 2 When”.

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