Netflix’s A Suitable Boy Run-Time, Episodes List, Total Length of Series

A Suitable Boy is a TV series starring Ishaan Khatter, Tabu, Ram Kapoor, Tanya Maniktala among the lead roles. Also termed as the mini-series due to its limited episodes. A Suitable Boy was first aired on BBC channel in the United Kingdom. After getting aired weekly on BBC in the UK, the show’s final episode was telecasted on 24th August. “A Suitable Boy” will now release worldwide. Except in the UK, A Suitable Boy will release worldwide exclusively on Netflix.

Readout to know more about Netflix and BBC’s A Suitable Boy series’ runtime, total show length, episodes list and run-time.

A Suitable Boy Episodes List, Run Time, Total Length

A Suitable Boy Episode Title
Episode No.Episode Run-TimeInitial Date of Release
“One”Season 1 Episode 158 minutes26th July 2020
“Two”Season 1 Episode 257 minutes2nd August 2020
“Three”Season 1 Episode 357 minutes9th August 2020
“Four”Season 1 Episode 458 minutes16th August 2020
“Five”Season 1 Episode 558 minutes23rd August 2020
“Six”Season 1 Episode 659 minutes24th August 2020
TOTAL Run-Time347 minutes

In total, there are 6 episodes of A Suitable Boy. Each episode is 57-59 minutes or about an hour long. In total, the series comprising of 36 episodes is 347 minutes or 5 hours and 47 minutes long. So we can comfortably say by looking at the total run-time and length that A Suitable Boy is definitely binge-watchable.

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This TV/Web series based on Vikram Seth’s 1993 novel named “A Suitable Boy”. A 1400 page novel has been fully made into a 6 part show. Set in 1951 northern India, just after India’s independence, A Suitable Boy is a coming-of-age series. The show will make its premiere worldwide on 23rd October 2020.

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