Penguin Movie Release Date, Storyline, Cast: Latest Amazon Prime Movie

Penguin movie is all set for a worldwide release on 19th June only on Amazon Prime. After the release of Ponmagal Vandhal last month on Prime Video, Penguin is yet another high profile Tamil movie set to be released on OTT platforms directly. A short teaser of the movie was released on 8th June. The trailer of Penguin will release on 11th June. The mystery thriller movie is set to premiere only on Amazon Prime Video on 19th June.

About Penguin Movie

Penguin movie is about a caring mother and her son. By the teaser, it is known that the mother is extremely loving to her son.

Mother Keerthy Suresh with her son.

Mother (Keerthy Suresh) is also seen taking her son outside to play. It is not confirmed from the teaser that the person taking her son out is really her mother or another character as a psychopath killer. The person taking the son out is seen wearing the hat, coat, yellow umbrella, and son with a raincoat.

After this scene her son suddenly son goes missing. It is also seen that the mother is distributing pamphlets about her missing son.

Distributing pamphlets.

Suddenly one fine day the body of her son is discovered and she is seen shedding tears for her son. Her son is found in the same raincoat when he went out wearing the same with an unknown person.

The death of her son.

The teaser ends when a psychopath killer (dressed as Charlie Chaplin), with the same umbrella lying around and the son’s raincoat on the ground, is seen sacrificing him in front of a statue. It clearly shows that the earlier scene where an unknown person is seen taking the son is directly related to this scene.

Sacrificing the son.

It is not sure that the person sacrificing the boy is really his mother or a psychopath killer or maybe a psychopath killer mother. Whatever it may be, the movie is set to be a thriller and will make all of us glued to the screen.

Dressed as charlie chaplin.

The reason why makers have kept Penguin as the title of the movie is that penguin as semi-aquatic birds are known to be a great caretaker of their offspring even in the harsh weather.

There are no dialogues in the short teaser except the actress playing a role of mother shouting for “Ajay”.

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Penguin movie is simultaneously made in Tamil and Telugu languages. The movie is also dubbed in Malayalam language. The movie was set for a big-screen release. However, due to lockdown restrictions, the movie will stream directly on Netflix. The movie seems a horror type but definitely not one of those. Some scenes give chills down the spine.

Cast of Penguin Movie

Keerthy Suresh as Mother.


Eashvar Karthic as director and writer of the film.

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