Prajakta Koli’s “Mismatched” Run-Time, Episodes List, Total Length

Mismatched is the latest web series released on Netflix. Starring Prajakta Koli and Rohit Saraf, Mismatched marks the debut of popular YouTuber sensation Prajakta’s new entry in the world of cinema. Mismatched is also Netflix’ original web-series.

Having released all the episodes on 20th November 2020, they were available to download on Netflix from the same date. Here, in this article, we look at the total length of Mismatched web series with episodes list and the time that it will take to complete the series.

Mismatched Web Series Run-Time, Episodes List, Length of Each Episode

Mismatched web series contains a total of 6 episodes. The run-time of each episode is between 29-35 minutes.

Mismatched Episode NameMismatched Episode NoRun-TimeRelease Date
When Dimple Met RashiSeason 1 Episode 129 minutes20th November 2020
Hot Summer, Cold VibesSeason 1 Episode 232 minutes20th November 2020
Message DeletedSeason 1 Episode 330 minutes20th November 2020
Making MovesSeason 1 Episode 432 minutes20th November 2020
It’s Not a DateSeason 1 Episode 535 minutes20th November 2020
Games We PlaySeason 1 Episode 635 minutes20th November 2020
TOTAL193 minutes

So the total run-time of the Mismatched web series is 193 minutes or 3 hours and 13 minutes. By looking at the run-time, the Mismatched web series definitely looks binge-watchable.

After getting subscribers and views in millions on YouTube, Prajakta “Mostlysane” Koli has now eyed in the world of cinema. She is already a known and popular face among young boys and girls. Her face will give a much-needed push in terms of Mismatched’s viewership on Netflix.

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