Slayy Point’s Gautami and Abhudaya Relation: What is the relation between Gautami and Abhudaya?

Slayy Point has completed almost 4 years on YouTube. It is hard to believe that the channel with almost 3 million (August 2020) subscribers is managed by only 2 people. Just like their channel’s name, the creators are “Slayying” it with their content.

The most common question that Slayy Point’s fans and subscribers come across is – whether Abhudaya and Gautami related to each other? Are they cousins? Are they siblings? Are Gautami and Abhudaya into a relationship? Here’s looking at all the possible answers.

Are Slayy Point’s Gautami and Abhudaya Brothers and Sisters?

Professionally, Gautami and Abhudaya are just business partners. Talking about their relations, Gautami and Abhudaya are friends. There is no brother and sister relation between them. They have, over the years, built their friendship into a career. In all of the videos, they are seen together.

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Gautami and Abhudaya’s friendship is more than 8 years old according to this photo. They were in the same batch. They have studied in the ICSE board. The school they went to is Ryan International School, Malad. From Slayy Point’s perspective, Abhudaya and Gautami write the story and content for the video and Abhudaya does the editing part. Possibly their friendship and mutual understanding is the reason why they are one of the most successful YouTubers. Talking about relationships, for now, it seems improbable. Even if there is something between them (unlikely) they have not declared it officially.

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Slayy Point’s Recent Success and Channel Growth

Slayy Point’s recent success can also be attributed to the videos they created off late. One video which they created, titled “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (Binod)”, the content in it spread like a wildfire. For weeks, the term BINOD was reportedly used over a billion times. So if you would have encountered (most likely) BINOD word, the reason for that internet sensation is Slayy Point’s YouTube channel. Their subscribers at the beginning of August were around 2 million. By the end of the month, Abhudaya and Gautami’s YouTube channel is about to touch 3 million subscribers. This 50% increase in subscribers base within a month is credited to their viral content BINOD.

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