SonyLIV JL50 Web Series Release Time and Date: What Time Does JL50 Web Series Releases?

JL50 is an upcoming SonyLIV original mystery-thriller web series. After the recent success of Undekhi, Your Honour, Avrodh, etc., JL50 is yet another web series with a mix of thriller, time-travel, and deep mystery.

The first look of the web series trailer looks a little spooky. JL50 web series is the first of its kind. The genre is completely new for the Indian audience. In this article, we have provided the time at which the JL50 web series will release on SonyLIV.

JL50 Web Series Release Date and Time

JL50 is all set for the 4th of September release. The time at which the JL50 web series will go live for audiences on SonyLIV is from 12:00 AM onwards. So the audience will be able to stream, watch, and download the JL50 web series on 4th September, from 12:00 AM onwards. Although, the time for the release of the JL50 web series has not been officially been declared by SonyLIV.

Update: JL50 web series has been released on SonyLIV app and website.

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How Many Episodes in JL50 Web Series?

JL50 will feature a total of 4 episodes. Each episode of JL50 web series will have a run time of around 30-35 minutes.

JL50 web series is all about JL50 aircraft that inadvertently goes missing. The same plane reappears after the span of 35 years. After reappearance, the plane suddenly crash. Except for the 2, no survivors are recorded in the plane. When Shantanu and Subroto Das (essayed by Abhay Deol and Pankaj Kapur) dif deep into the investigation, several theories are speculated, with time travel being the main reason for disappearance.

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