Sourav Ghosh-Shivaji Maharaj controversy explained: Full timeline of events

Popular comedian Sourav Ghosh Khan has found himself in controversy after his funny remarks on Maratha king Shivaji Maharaj. The video was made and uploaded by him on his official YouTube channel. The video went so viral across social media that he had to take down the video from YouTube. Let’s find out what exactly Sourav said in his video.

Sourav Ghosh Khan on Shivaji Maharaj

Sourav Ghosh in his 3-years old video performed at Tuning Fork, Mumbai, made witty remarks on Shivaji Maharaj. Talking about the background of the video, Sourav was talking about airports in Mumbai which are domestic and international and both of them happen to be named after Shivaji Maharaj. There also happens to be a station named after the great king.

Sourav Ghosh comment on Shivaji Maharaj

Sourav said,

“Why both the airports named Chhatrapati Shivaji? If one was named Shivaji and another Napolean, then no one would miss his friends’ wedding. Keep any other name of the airport. Like one ‘Shivaji airport’ and another ‘Not Shivaji Airport’. Works! 3rd airport ‘Maybe Shivaji Airport’. You guys have also kept the railway station (CSMT) after his name. Shivaji was a great warrior but I did not know he was also a travel enthusiast. You know what Maharashtra govt. is now doing to solve this confusion is that they are naming the international airport ‘Maharaja Shivaji’. One Shivajoi and another Maharaja Shivaji airport. As if this will solve a confusion. I think more than passengers, even pilots would get confused”

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Sourav Ghosh on Shivaji Maharaj video

It was not stopped here. Sourav also made derogatory remarks against Shivaji Maharaj in YouTube comments section as well.

Screen grab of Sourav’s remarks on Shivaji Maharaj.

What happened after Sourav made such remarks on Shivaji Maharaj?

The video went viral right after another comedian Agrima Joshua’s year-old video went viral on the same topic. Sourav was badly beaten up by the people as the remarks hurt their sentiments and of the people of Maharashtra.

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