Sushant’s Servants: How Many Servants and Workers Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR) Had at His House on 14th June?

There is no such proper clarification as to how many servants were working in Sushant’s house. After watching extensive interviews of servants and cooks at Sushant’s house in various news channels, we have come to a conclusion. There were as many as 5 people at the time of Sushant’s demise. Here we have included a list of servants working and the people who stayed at Sushant’s home.

List of Servants and People Living in Sushant’s House

There were 5 people who worked and lived in Sushant’s house. In this list, we have not included Rhea Chakraborty since she had already left the house on the 9th itself.

Siddharth Pithani – Sushant’s Friend

Siddharth Pithani was one of 5 people living in Sushant’s home. He is an actor and filmmaker. On Sushant’s suggestion, he came to work and stay at his flat. Siddharth is also close to Rhea Chakraborty.

Samuel Miranda – Househelp Manager

Samuel Miranda used to manage the entire staff of the house which involved cooks, house helps, and took care of Sushant’s requirements. It should also be seen that there are 2 Samuels. Samuel Miranda and Samuel Haokip are different individuals. Sushant’s father has filed an FIR on Miranda, not Haokip.

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Dipesh Sawant – House Help

Dipesh brought all the necessary items and stuff required in day-to-day activities at Sushant’s house. Not much has been further known about Dipesh. Also, the news that broke out of Sushant’s servant Dipesh Sawant running with Rs. 22 Lakhs and getting caught by police was completely false.

Neeraj Singh – Househelp and Cook

Neeraj Singh was the cook in Sushant’s house. Along with cooking he used to take care of the house. Neeraj last spoke to Sushant when he came out of his room and asked for cold water.

Keshav – Cook

Keshav, along with Neeraj was the cook in Sushant’s house.

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These are 5 people known as of now who lived in Sushant’s house. At the time of Sushant’s death, the key maker also came to their house who left after opening the door, without looking at Sushant. After people living in Sushant’s home found him hanging, they immediately called up Sandeep Ssingh, Sushant’s friend.

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