TMKOC Bhootni Episodes: Start to End Full List of Bhootni Episodes in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah (TMKOC) is the most popular Hindi sitcom in India. Popular for its comedy and social messages, the show has been on the run since 2008. In 2010, the show was at its peak when a series of episodes were made on Bhootni (witch) which supposedly haunted the characters of TMKOC in Gokuldham Society.

Here is the complete list of Bhootni episodes in Taarak Mehta (TMKOC). We have shown from where exactly you can start watching the Bhootni episodes and when the episodes get completed.

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List of Bhootni Episodes in TMKOC

TMKOC Bhootni Episode 413

Episode 413 of TMKOC is the first episode of the Bhootni series where we are given a hint of the possible horror which will unleash the Gokuldham Society. An unknown person informs Abdul of a Bhutni (witch) which roams during the night in that area.
Video Link –

TMKOC Bhootni Episode 414

In episode 414, Jethalal encounters Bhootni for the first time. He also becomes the first member of the society to encounter Bhootni. Later in that episode, Jethalal’s father Champaklal also encounters the ghost. Video Link –

TMKOC Bhootni Episode 415

After the Bhootni seen by Champaklal in the latter part of the previous episode, the entire Gada family becomes frightened. Champak, Jethalal, and Daya inform about their encounter with Bhootni to Taarak Mehta, Madhavi, and Daya’s mother. Video Link –

TMKOC Bhootni Episode 416

Madhavi informs her husband Bhide about the Gada family’s encounter. On her mother’s guidance, Daya follows a procedure to remove ghosts in the society which Bhide looks on as she does the necessary procedure. Bhide looks at Bhootni as well and faints at that moment. Video Link –

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TMKOC Bhootni Episode 417

Bhide wakes up to a very high fever and now entire society gets to know about Bhootni and her encounters with society members. The members decide to gather in society during night to see what exactly is the matter. Video Link –

TMKOC Bhootni Episode 418

The society members and Tapu Sena discuss to remove Bhootni. Video Link –

TMKOC Bhootni Episode 419

Society members gather at Abdul’s shop to prepare for giving guard at society’s compound. Video Link –

TMKOC Bhootni Episode 420

After gathering at society’s compound, Iyer and Popatlal encounter ghosts. Video Link –

TMKOC Bhootni Episode 421

After ghostly encounter society members think of calling a ghost removal expert. Video Link –

TMKOC Bhootni Episode 422

After calling Tantrik Baba, entire society sees ghost and gather together at society clubhouse. Video Link –

TMKOC Bhootni Episode 423

Tapu Sena and Rita reporter gathers the necessary information which leads to a shocking secret and make a master plan to remove Bhootni. Video Link –

TMKOC Bhootni Episode 424

As planned, Daya and Bhootni face off in an epic encounter. Necessary revelations are known about the Bhootni and her gang. Video Link –

TMKOC Bhootni Episode 425

Tapu then informs the society members on how they gathered information on Bhootni which led to her eventual arrest. Episode 425 was the last episode in the Bhootni series of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. Video Link –

The epic Bhootni series of TMKOC lasted from episode 413 to 425 where the serial kept its viewers on the edge of their seats.

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