Truford University in Angrezi Medium Movie: Where is Truford University in London

Angrezi Medium got released in March 2020. It was then pushed for a digital release exclusively on Hotstar. Little did we knew back then, that Angrezi Medium would turn out to be Irrfan Khan’s last movie.

If you have watched Angrezi Medium closely, chances are that you might have encountered Truford University. So where exactly is Truford University situated? Is Truford University for real? Is there any Truford University? Here’s looking at whether Truford University is legit or not.+

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Truford University in Angrezi Medium Movie

You must have read about Stanford University, Oxford University, Rutherford, or Stratford University, but what is this Truford University? The truth is that there is no such University named Truford in London. Forget about London, Truford University has no mentions anywhere in the world. The makers of Angrezi Medium have created a fictional University in the name of Truford. There are high chances that the educational institution named “Trafford College” in the United Kingdom is renamed to “Truford University”. As Trafford sounds similar and rhyming to Truford.

So long story short, there is no such educational institute or university named Truford. Makers have just created a fictitious University to make it look real.

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Trailer of Angrezi Medium

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