Aarya Release Date And Release Time On Hotstar

Aarya is an upcoming thriller web series set to be released on Hotstar. Aarya is to be released on Hotstar platforms labeled as “Hotstar Specials”. It means a user will require Hotstar VIP or Hotstar premium account to watch Aarya.

Apart from its release as Hotstar specials, the series is special for a number of reasons. Aarya marks the comeback of former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen on-screen after almost a decade. Sushmita’s last performance was in the 2010 Hindi movie No Problem.

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Sushmita’s Aarya Release Date and Time

Hotstar released a trailer of Aarya on 5th June. The trailer stated the release date of Aarya web series. Aarya is set for a 19th June 2020 release on the Hotstar platform. The web series will start streaming online from 12.00 AM onwards from 19th June itself.

Aarya web series is said to have at least 8 episodes. Some sources have also suggested about 10 episodes for Aarya web series. The run time for each episode is around 35-45 minutes. Just like any other web series, all the episodes of Aarya will be available to users altogether on 19th June itself.

Availability Of Aarya Web Series In Other Languages

Aarya web series is shot entirely in the Hindi language. Subtitles will be available in English and Hindi languages. Just like other Hotstar web series such as Special Ops and Hostages, the dubbed version of Aarya will be released in

  • Kannada
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Malayalam
  • Marathi
  • Bengali

The dubbed written above is only on the basis of other Hotstar web series. Hotstar has not yet confirmed the release of Aarya in the above-mentioned languages.

Watch Aarya Web Series For Free

Hotstar allows you to watch an episode of the “Specials” category web series for free. You can only watch the 1st episode of Aarya web series for free. To watch subsequent episodes you will require to purchase Hotstar VIP or Hotstar premium account.

About Aarya Web Series and Storyline

The crime drama web series is directed by Ram Madhvani. The web series revolves around Sushmita her husband, and her family. Sushmita’s husband, Tej Sareen deals in illegal medicines. Tej is however killed when bullets are fired. Due to business dispute Sushmita’s husband is killed and the antagonists are now after Sushmita and her children.

We will see how far Sushmita’s character named Aarya Sareen will go to save her kids and family. The web series has it all to offer drugs, illegalities, crime, drama, murder, etc. On the whole, Aarya will be an entertaining web series and at the same time suspense-thriller to watch.

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