What Language Is Netflix’ “Cuties” In? Is “Cuties” Available in English?

Cuties or Mignonnes in French is a coming-of-age drama movie. Cuties is a French movie. Having already been released the movie in France on 19th August 2020, Cuties was released on Netflix on 9th September. Netflix released the movie worldwide, except in France where Cuties was released on theatres.

Many people have been asking about the language of Cuties movie. The movie being a French one, confusion is that the movie is available only in the French language. We look at whether Cuties/Mignonnes is available in the language other than French or not.

Is Cuties in English on Netflix?

Cuties Audio

The original language in which Cuties movie was made is French. When Netflix acquired the global distribution rights of the movie, Cuties was dubbed in English for worldwide audiences. So apart from the original language French, Cuties is now dubbed and thus available in the English language.

Cuties Subtitles

Cuties also features subtitles. Along with the regular French subtitles, the movie also offers English language subtitles.

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Cuties Movie Run-time

Cuties is a short movie with just 96 minutes or 1 hour 36 minutes long. At the time when we watch the entire season of the show in one go, this 96 minutes movie will be completed in the blink of an eye.

Cuties Movie Trailer

There is no English language trailer for Cuties movie. The trailer of Cuties released by Netflix on YouTube features French language with English subtitles.

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