When is “Parks and Rec” Leaving Netflix? Why is “Parks and Rec” Leaving Netflix?

Parks and Recreation (Rec), was a apolitical satire American sitcom. Parks and Rec aired on NBC from 2009 to 2015. The sircom gave many new talents and actors which include Aziz Ansari and Chris Pratt.

As of August 2020, Parks and Rec is available in 8 streaming platforms in the United States. The news broke out that Parks and Rec show is going to leave Netflix. Here’s looking at when does Parks and Rec leave Netflix and why the show is leaving.

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When does Parks and Rec leave Netflix?

The news that the hit show will go off the air is around from 2019 itself. It has now been confirmed that Parks and Rec will leave Netflix. The month when Parks and Rec leave Netflix is in October. The most probable date when Park and Rec leave Netflix in the month of October is the 10th. The platform hosts all the 7 seasons with all 126 episodes.

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Why Parks and Rec is leaving Netflix?

It is hard to believe that despite being on the top for several years on Netflix, the makers have come to a conclusion to move for the other platform. According to Nielsen’s data Parks and Recreation was 3rd most streamed shows on Netflix. So why are Parks and Rec leaving Netflix?

First of all, we need to understand that any show or a title that is not a Netflix original leaves someday after the contract gets expired. The other possible reasons are:

  • The rights of the show might have expired and makers of Parks and Rec do not intend to renew it
  • The rights in a particular region might have sold to another platform

A title also leaved Netflix due to the shows unpopularity. In Parks an Rec, this is reason is not remotely possible.

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Where Parks and Rec Stream after leaving Netflix?

After leaving Netflix, Parks and Rec will stream on the new platform Peacock.

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