Who is Peter Paul, Vanitha Vijayakumar’s Husband? Peter Paul Profession

Big Boss (Tamil) fame and actress Vanitha Vijayakumar tied the knot to Peter Paul. The marriage took place on 27th June at 4 PM in Chennai. It was not until last week that Vanitha introduced her fiance Peter Paul to the world and added that he changed her world.

The wedding was attended by Vanitha’s close friends and family members from both the sides. Vanitha’s daughters also attended the wedding. Vanitha wore a white gown and Peter was dressed up in a black tuxedo. So the question is, who is Peter Paul?

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Who is Peter Paul, Vanitha’s Husband?

Peter Paul is a filmmaker by profession. Peter is a visual effects director and businessman. He has worked on various movie projects in Tamil, English, and other languages. The wedding took place in a Christian ceremony. On marriage with Peter Paul, Vanitha wrote,

“He walked out of a dream into my life. He filled the void I never knew existed. Surprisingly, I felt secure and complete around him. He stepped in as a friend and helped me when I was lost without any technical help for my YouTube channel during the lockdown. He made things happen in such a way that I was at ease, so calm stress-free and well taken care of.”

Not much has been known further about Peter Paul, regarding his first wife or ex-wife, his list of movies, etc. Unlike Vanitha, Peter is not seen using the social media accounts.

How Peter Paul and Vanitha Vijayakumar meet?

Vanitha and Peter met each other in December last year. The couple met while they were working on some project. Vanitha and Peter eventually became close friends. It was after they became friends that they fell in love and decided to marry each other. The wedding happened with limited guests around and lockdown rules were followed.

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