Who Raped Disha Salian? Was Disha Salian Really Raped? Narayan Rane’s Claim on Disha Salian Rape and Murder

Every hour, new discoveries are getting released and new statements are being made. As per the postmortem report, BJP MP and senior leader Narayan Rane said Disha had injury marks in her private parts.

So who exactly raped Disha Salian? Is the claim made by Narayan Rane true. Readout to know more.

Was Disha Salian Raped? Who Raped Disha Salian?

At the night when Disha died under mysterious circumstances, a party was carried out by Disha, her fiancee, and her friends. Her friends comprised of 4 people – 3 men and 1 woman. Narayan Rane has alleged that Sushant and Disha both were murdered. This claim by Narayan Rane about Disha seems highly untrue as the initial reports on Disha’s post-mortem that were carried out had already ruled out any suspicious questions about rape.

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If at all Narayan Rane’s claim holds true, the postmortem report of Disha would still be available in the hospital that can be easily accessed. Also, Disha’s parents have specifically said they don’t want to go further deep into the investigation. They would have definitely known about the alleged rape after the death itself. Assuming whatever Narayan Rane says happens to be true, what is the full-proof evidence available?

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Narayan Rane Statement on Disha Salian and Sushant Singh Rajput

In a press conference, Narayan Rane said,

“Who all were there at the party that was held on 8 June and 13 June, find them out. A Maharashtra minister too was at the party.”

On Disha Salian, Narayan said,

“That Disha Salian was raped was evident from the post-mortem report. The Mumbai police is an efficient organization and the probe should have been carried out accordingly.”

Narayan Rane also brought Sushant’s (SSR) case along with Disha and said,

“Both these incidents are linked. It is not difficult to find out who was issuing threatening calls to Sushant Singh Rajput. Sushant was murdered. The Maharashtra government is trying to save someone. It is not paying attention to the case.”

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