Why Boycott Zee5 is Trending on Twitter India Today? #BoycottZee5 Trend Story

What is the basis of the #BoycottZee5 controversy? What made Boycott Zee5 trending on Twitter?

On 14th Abhay season 2 web series was released. Only 3 episodes have been released so far on the Zee5 OTT platform. So all the controversy in Boycott Zee5 is about the Abhay season 2 web series.

Why #BoycottZee5 is Trending on Twitter?

In the 3 episodes released of Abhay web series, one clip features Shaheed Khudiram Bose in the background. His background picture is shown in a very inappropriate way. As the web series is all about crime thriller, Shaheed Khudiram Bose’s photo is shown as the wanted criminal in the background. Bose was the freedom fighter in India’s independence struggle. In 1908, just at a tender age of 18 years, Khudiram Bose was hanged by the Britishers. Bose’s photo in the background was not well received by netizens and they took Twitter to boycott against the show. The picture of Bose shown as the criminal hurt many Indian sentiments. This led to the rise of the #BoycottZee5 trend.

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Has Zee5 Apologised for Showing Shaheed Khudiram Bose?

Zee5 stated it was not intentional and in no way the makers of the show wanted to offend anyone. Still, they have blurred out the image containing the photo of Bose. Zee5 released a statement and stated,

“The producers, show & the platform, have no intent whatsoever to offend any community or hurt anybody’s sentiments. Keeping in mind the feedback received and with utmost respect to our audience, we have blurred the image (inadvertently) used in one of the scenes of Abhay 2. We unconditionally apologize for this error.”

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Which episode of Abhay season 2 features Shaheed Khudiram Bose’s photo?

The controversial episode that featured Shaheed Khudiram Bose in Abhay 2 was in episode 2 at 28:00 to 28:10. This was, however, blurred out by Zee5 after the controversy erupted.

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