Why Mahesh Bhatt is Called Sugar Daddy? What Does Sugar Daddy Mean?

Post Sushant’s death, new angles, and mysteries have come out. One of them is the involvement of Mahesh Bhatt in Sushant’s alleged murder. A lot of shocking things have surfaced regarding Mahesh’s professional life.

Mahesh might be a senior director, but what he thinks and his imagination is very well known through the movies he makes. So have you wondered what is Sugar Daddy? Why Mahesh Bhatt is called Sugar Daddy? Well, here’s the answer.

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Understanding Why Mahesh Bhatt is Called Sugar Daddy

In layman’s term, sugar daddy means,

“An old man getting into a relationship with a relatively young woman or girl (age of his daughter). Or, an old man, who spends lavishly on his mistress/girlfriend.”

The following pictures are the evidence and give us reasonable justification as to why Mahesh Bhatt is called the “Sugar Daddy” of Bollywood.

Post Sushant’s death, many photos and videos of Bhatt have been circulated. One video of Jiah Khan and Mahesh Bhatt has surfaced. The following video is 7-8 years old. Mahesh Bhatt is seen with late actress Jiah Khan. Not forgetting the fact that Jiah Khan was of the age of Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter.

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Mahesh is not just limited to this. He was also seen with actress Rhea Chakraborty during the promotions of Jalebi in 2018. There might be nothing between them but one cannot go away with the fact that these pictures are indeed suspicious.

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The relation of Mahesh Bhatt and Rhea Chakraborty has not been confirmed. By looking at these images, people would definitely think that Mahesh Bhatt is nothing less than a Sugar Daddy. By looking at the past relationships, his involvement, his media image, one cannot deny the fact that Mahesh Bhatt is a person of questionable character. No matter how good the celebrities are shown from the outside, or how good they try to show the relation like father-daughter, no one really knows what’s exactly cooking inside.

So, long story short, an elderly person getting into the relationship with a woman, whose age is nothing less than his daughter, that person is known as Sugar Daddy. Due to Mahesh Bhatt’s questionable relationships in the past, he is often being termed as the sugar daddy of Bollywood.

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