18 Maharana Pratap Quotes In English

Maharana Pratap was arguably the greatest warrior of his era. Battling several odds during his lifetime he achieved some remarkable heights. Protecting his nation of Mewar and its people is what Maharana Pratap always fought and strived for.

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There have been several rulers in the Mewar region. No one has ever achieved the status of “Maha” in the prefix of one’s name, Maharana Pratap being the only exception. Several centuries have gone by but Maharana’s ideologies are relevant even to this day as they were in the 16th century. Today on the auspicious occasion of Maharana Pratap Jayanti here are some of his inspiring quotes.

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Maharana Pratap Quotes In English

  1. I do what I do, because it is the right thing to do. I’m a warrior and it’s the way of the warrior to fight superior odds.
  2. It’s better to serve the nation, instead of wasting this life in living happily and simply.
  3. Those who work or struggle for their work and the world, are remembered forever.
  4. Keep working hard, until you reach your destination.
  5. It’s the duty of each and every human to abolish dishonesty and injustice from the world.
  6. The first duty of a ruler is to protect the pride and honor of his country.
  7. Time gives its legacy to a powerful and courageous person, so stay steadfast on your way.
  8. Only successful and brave people have got enemies.
  9. It doesn’t matter if you are in a friendship of the snake, it’s going to bite one day.
  10. Continually remembering your goals, working hard and self-powering will make the way of success more easier.
  11. Truth, diligence, and contentment are the means for a happy life, but violence is important to counter the injustice.
  12. In your good times, make yourself so confident with your actions that when bad times come, you can easily transfer them into the good one.
  13. Suffering, adversity, and distress, makes us stronger and experienced. Don’t run away from them. Struggle and learn the lesson.
  14. You won’t get success and greatness, if you are overexcited in happiness and afraid while struggle.
  15. When your intention is noble and strong, you can’t be defeated.
  16. Apart from himself and his family, one who thinks about his nation is a true citizen.
  17. Time is so stronger, it can even let the king eat grasses.
  18. Every mother wishes to have a son like Maharana Pratap, whose name would make the enemies worry.

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Disclaimer: These quotes have been sourced from various online sources whose authenticity could not be validated and there is no way to confirm Maharana Pratap actually said it.

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