30 Timeless Quotes of Pranab Mukherjee: India’s Former President Pranab Da’s Famous and Best Quotes

India’s former President Pranab Mukherjee passed away on the afternoon of 31st August. India’s former cabinet minister, who was also President in PM Modi’s term completed his tenure in 2017. In the farewell to the former, PM Modi described Pranab Da as his father figure. Here’s looking into some of the best quotes and inspiring messages from former President Pranab Mukherjee himself.

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Best Quotes by Pranab Mukherjee

“I have seen vast, perhaps unbelievable, changes during the journey that has brought me from the flicker of a lamp in a small Bengal village to the chandeliers of Delhi.”

“There is no humiliation more abusive than hunger.”

“We are all equal children before our mother; and India asks each one of us, in whatsoever role we play in the complex drama of nation-building, to do our duty with integrity, commitment and unflinching loyalty to the values enshrined in our Constitution.”

“If the rise of European colonisation began in 18th century India, then the rallying cry of ‘Jai Hind!’ also signalled its end in 1947.”

“Propelled by freedom of faith, gender equality and economic justice for all, India will become a modern nation. Minor blemishes cannot cloak the fact that India is becoming such a modern nation: no faith is in danger in our country, and the continuing commitment to gender equality is one of the great narratives of our times.”

“The young people of India will build a strong and powerful nation, a nation that is politically mature and economically strong, a nation whose people enjoy both a high quality of life as well as justice.”

“No problems are ever resolved by violence. It only aggravates the pain and the hurt on every side.”

“Let Jammu and Kashmir lead the way in the building of a new future for India. Let it set an example to the rest of India and the world by showing how the entire region can be transformed into a zone of peace, stability and prosperity.”

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Youth Inspiring Quotes and Messages From Pranab Mukherjee

“Our federal Constitution embodies the idea of modern India: it defines not only India but also modernity.”

“Trickle-down theories do not address the legitimate aspirations of the poor. We must lift those at the bottom so that poverty is erased from the dictionary of modern India.”

“As Indians, we must of course learn from the past; but we must remain focused on the future. In my view, education is the true alchemy that can bring India its next golden age.”

“Teaching was my transition from student life to working life. In those days, our system of education was a little different. The number of students in each class was huge. I think in political science general, which I taught, it was around 100.”

“In the 1980s, we were advised, why don’t you follow Reaganomics or Thatcherite economics. We said, yes, there are good points, let’s see how we can fit them in the Indian economy. Every country has its own way of moving forward.”

“In our generation, the role models were Gandhi and Nehru. We revered them. They were venerated personalities. I read almost every speech of Nehru.”

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“I feel that when the reforms in UN take place and the Security Council will be expanded in the permanent membership category, India will have a place, I hope so, but first it is to be expanded.”

“I am comfortable at the height where destiny has put me.”

“Of course, running a coalition government in a country like India is a difficult task. More so when Congress leads the coalition, since most of the political parties were anti-Congress. To have a coalition, to run a coalition government, you require a lot of adjustments, a lot of flexibility.”

“I personally believe that the office of the President of India is not to be sought. It is to be offered.”

“The fact remains that secularism is inherent in the Indian system, in the Indian ethos and culture. India cannot but be secular.”

“Indian president does not determine policy. Here President is not the policymaker. In the name of the president, the cabinet takes the policy decision.”

“We must recognize that in a globalized world, we cannot remain insulated from external developments. India’s trade performance in the current year has been robust, surpassing pre-crisis export levels and pre-crisis export growth trends. We have diversified our export baskets and our export destinations.”

“I come from a political family. My father was a freedom fighter. He was a prominent leader of the locality and member of the Congress party. He spent 10 years in British prisons. In the evening, in our living room, the only subject we used to discuss was politics. So politics was not unfamiliar to me.”

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Respectful and Inspiring Quotes from Former President Pranab Da

“India is content with itself and driven by the will to sit on the high table of prosperity. It will not be reflected in its mission by noxious practitioners of terror.”

“The government of India and the government of Jammu and Kashmir are determined to ensure that every Kashmiri lives with dignity having equal rights and equal opportunities.”

“India is a land of plenty inhibited by poverty; India has an enthralling, uplifting civilization that sparkles not only in our magnificent art, but also in the enormous creativity and humanity of our daily life in city and village.”

“Few minutes of peace will achieve far more than many years of war.”

“Indian President does not determine policy. Here, President is not the policymaker. In the name of the President, the cabinet takes the police decision.”

“I am not a great scholar, never was a very bright student, became an average leader.”

“There is no room in India for the intolerant Indian. India has been since ancient times a bastion of free thought, speech, and expression.”

“We are not apologetic of appointing a committee to look into the economic, social, education, and cultural conditions of the single largest minority group.”

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