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If there was one Indian who single handedly took India to glorious heights with his skills, won gold medal, it definitely has to be Major Dhyan Chand. The reason why he was called “Chand” is because he used to practice in the night, when the moon would rise. This gave him nick name “chand” which means Moon.

Born as Dhyan Singh in a Rajput family, he joined the Indian army at the age of 17 later became from what is now known as “The Wizard” and “The Magician” in the field of Hockey. Dhyan Chand’s skills were so powerful, even Hitler was left awestruck due to Germany’s embarrassing defeat in 1936 Olympics final. Here’s looking at the best quotes on Major Dhyan Chand from his exemplary career.

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Best Quotes, Messages, and Wishes on Major Dhyan Chand

Major Dhyan Chand’s birthday on 29th August is celebrated as the National Sports Day in India. Some of the best quotes on Major Dhyan Chand:

“The officials of Netherlands broke his hockey stick to check whether there was a magnet inside his hockey or not.”

“He scores goals like runs in cricket.” – Sir Don Bradman

“The Olympic complex now has a magic show too. Visit the hockey stadium to watch the Indian magician Dhyan Chand in action.” – German Media

“His real talent lay above his shoulders and he treated hockey as a chess game.” – Keshav Dutt

“Major Dhyan Chand was a live example of true sportsman spirit, and patriotism. He helped India in securing gold medals in Hockey in 3 Olympic games in 1928, 1932, 1936.” – PM Narendra Modi

“Dhyan Chand ‘s story has inspired every generation of hockey player. And it should be taught in schools too so that all the kids also know the Indian sportsperson who was better than the rest of the world.” – Savita Punia

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Quotes by Major Dhyan Chand Himself in his Career

“If you could not get a goal from that you did not deserve to be on my team.”

“It is not my country’s duty to push me ahead. it is my duty to push my country ahead.”

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Video on 10 Amazing Facts about Major Dhyan Chand

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