Ahilyabai Holkar Facts And Famous Quotes On Her

Holkar Queen of Maratha Malwa kingdom, Maharani Ahilyabai celebrates her 295th birth anniversary today i.e. on 31st May. Born in 1725 in Ahmednagar district to Mankoji Rao Shinde, Ahilyabai was homeschooled by her father. Her father was a Patil of his village.

Ahilyabai’s father in law, Malhar Rao Holkar served as a commanding officer to Balaji Baji Rao, son of famous Bajirao I. Ahilyabai’s reign was admired even by her enemies.

Here Are Some Amazing Facts Of Ahilyabai Holkar – Warrior Queen Of Indore

  • Ahilyabai ruled the Malwa kingdom in the 18th century which today is a part of present-day Indore
  • Ahilyabai’s reign lasted for glorious 30 years
  • Ahilyabai was a pioneer of Hindu Temples. She recreated the temples that were plundered by Mughal armies
  • Ahilyabai built hundreds of Temples and Dharamshalas across India
  • Ahilyabai’s rule is remembered as the Golden Age in Indore’s history
  • Ahilyabai personally led her army into battle on numerous occasions
  • In Indore, every year, Ahilyotsav takes place on the day of Bhadrapada Krishna Chaturdashi
  • Known for building public amenities such as water tanks, roads, ghats, resthouses across India
  • Tried to commit Sati when her husband died only to be rescued by her father in law Malhar Rao
  • During her lifetime she witnessed the death of her husband, her son and daughter
  • One of the bravest warriors to have born in India. She was given a title of “Devi” by her followers
  • Ahilyabai died at the age of 70, Tukoji Rao Holkar succeeded her to the throne of Indore

Ahilyabai Holkar was such a great figure in the history of India that even the Britishers, travelers from all over the world admired her.

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Here Are Some Famous Quotes On Ahilyabai Holkar

British historian, John Keyas once said that Ahilyabai was a “The Philosopher Queen”.

Scottish poet Joanna Baillie recited great lines for her. She said great words in the form of poem which is remembered to this day. Joanna, in 1849 said,

“For thirty years her reign of peace,
The land in blessing did increase.
And she was blessed by every tongue,
By stern and gentle, old and young.
Yea, even the children at their mother’s feet,
Are taught such homely rhyming to repeat.
In latter days from Brahma came,
To rule our land, a noble Dame.
Kind was her heart and bright her fame,
And Ahilya was her honored name.”

Looking at open-mindedness and upliftment of the society, many historians have compared Maharani Ahilyabai’s reign to Akbar The Great.

Nizam of Hyderabad said, “Definitely no woman and no ruler are like Ahilyabai Holkar.”

Ahilyabai Holkar is not just a pride of Marathas or the people of Indore. She is the pride of entire India who remembers her exemplary courage leading the people from the front.

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