Jain Paryushan Start and End Date 2020: When Does Jain Shvetambar Sects Parushan Starts?

Jain Paryushan is an 8-days festival celebrated by the followers of Jain religion all around the world. The 8-days long festival is termed as “Paryushan”. This festival usually falls in the month of August or September. Here’s looking at the start date and the end date of the Jain “Paryushan” festival.

When Paryushan will begin and end this year in 2020?

The Shvetamber sect of Jains is one of the 2 important sects of Jainism – the other being Digamber. Shvetambar sect is further divided into Sthaanakvasi Jains and Derawasi Jains. We have put up the start and end date of both the sects of Shvetamber Jains.

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Paryushan Start and End Date – For Sthaanakvasi Sects

This year in 2020, the Paryushan or also known as Paryushan Parv will begin on 15th August 2020, Saturday for Sthaanakvasi Jains. This 8-days long festival will end on 22nd August which also falls on Saturday of the next week. Jains all across the world living in India, United States, United Kingdom, Australian, Canada, New Zealand, etc following the Sthaanakvasi will begin and end the Paryushan Parv on this date.

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Paryushan Start and End Date – For Deravasi Sects

The start date and end date of the Paryushan festival for Deravasi Jains is the same as Sthaanakvasi Jains. Usually in Deravasi Jains, the Paryushan festival starts a day before the Sthaanakvasi’s start date. But this year, the start and end date will remain the same for both the sects. This year, just like Sthaanakvasi’s, even Deravasi Jains will begin the Paryushan Parv on 15th and end on 22nd August.

Paryushan Parv Festival 2020Start DateEnd Date
For Deravasi Jains15th August 2020, Saturday22nd August 2020, Saturday
For Sthaanakvasi Jains15th August 2020, Saturday22nd August 2020, Saturday

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