Sant Kabirdas Status Images, Messages In Hindi And English: Sant Kabir Jayanti

About Sant Kabir

Sant Kabirdas is often revered as the “King of Dohas”. Probably it is the reason why primary and secondary school education in India inculcates Sant Kabir’s deep meaning and powerful “dohas” in school syllabus. Kabir’s dohas have known to show a path of life.

One who truly Sant Kabir’s message is akin to receiving eyesight to a blind, legs to the person on wheel chair and water to a thirsty person.

It is also been speculated that Sant Kabir was an influential role for Guru Nanak, first of the Sikh guru in founding the Sikhism. Guru Arjan, 5th of the 10 gurus in sikhism also incorporated several hymns in Sikh’s holiest book, Guru Granth Sahib.

In India, particularly in Varanasi, temples have been dedicated to Sant Kabir. Both the temples are maintained by 2 sects. One temple is maintained by the followers of Hinduism. The other temple is maintained by followers of Islam. Everyday songs are sung in the name of Kabir. Distribution of prasad takes place. The followers of Sant Kabir’s ideologies are known as “Kabir Panthi”. The Population of the Kabir Panthi sect is estimated at around 10 million.

Here we have incorporated status messages in the form of images for you to send it to your family and friends.

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Sant Kabirdas Status Images

Sant Kabirdas Status Images in English

Kabirdas quotes.
Kabirdas quotes in english

Sant Kabir Status Images & Messages in Hindi

Sant Kabir Status Message in Hindi

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