Shri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Status Messages

If there was someone whose great valor will be remembered forever, he is none other than 5th Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan Devji. His death is considered as one of the darkest days in Sikhism.

Birth Of Guru Arjan

On 15th April 1563 Guru Arjan was born in Goindval area of Majha region in present day Punjab bordering Pakistan. His father, Guru Ram Das was also 4th Sikh Guru who chose him to be his successor.

Shaheedi Diwas of Guru Arjan Devji

Guruji died on 30th May. Guru Arjan was executed on the order of Mughal Emperor Jahangir when Guru refused to convert to Islam. The day of 30th May, the day when Guru Arjanji was martyred, is also known as Shaheedi Diwas. Guruji never let his faith or followers be lured away in the name of the religion. Even when death came on his way, he happily chose to die instead of getting converted. Guru Arjan is definitely going to be remembered for his sacrifice, duty towards his faith, righteousness, and the true face of dharma

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Sikhs have always carried an image of honesty, courage, duty towards the motherland, and helping the needy and poor. The Sikh gurus have greatly shaped the culture and beliefs of the people in the Indian subcontinent. Guru Arjan is also the compiler of Adi Granth that later became a part of Guru Granth Sahib. Also many people don’t know is that it was Guru Arjan Devji who founded Golden Temple.

Guru Arjan Devji Status Messages and Images

Guru Arjan Devji Images

May Guruji show us the path when there is utter darkness with his teachings, guidance and may his strength give a sense of courage which is need of an hour in this world.

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