What Is Mithuna Sankranti? Why Do We Celebrate, Importance And Muhurat Of Mithuna Sankranti

When the Sun leaves from Vrishabha Rashi to Mithuna Rashi it marks the beginning of the Hindu month of Mithuna. Read more for more information about Mithuna Sankranti, Importance, and Muhurat of Mithuna Sankranti.

Mithuna Sankranti is a 4-day-long festival celebrated in the Indian state of Odisha. The second day of Mithuna Sankranti signifies the beginning of the solar month of Mithuna, which marks the beginning of the rain season. Mithuna is the third solar month according to the Hindu calendar.

In the year 2020, Mithuna Sankranti will be celebrated from 14th June to 17th June. The festival of Mithuna Sankranti is of great importance in Odisha. On the night of June 14, at 12.10 AM sun is set to enter the Mithuna Rashi.

Importance of Mithuna Sankranti

Whenever a planetary movement takes place i.e. whenever the Sun travels from one Rashi to another it is called as Sankranti. A total of 12 movements takes place in a year. There are 12 Sankranti in a year. One of them is known as Mithuna Sankranti. Mithuna Sankranti is known by various names in India. It is known as Raja Parba in Odisha. In South India, Sankranti is called by the name of Sankramanam.

The first day of Mithuna Sankranti is called Pahili Raja.

The second day goes by the name Mithuna Sankranti.

The third day of Mithuna Sankranti is called Bhu Daha or Basi Raja.

The final or fourth day of Mithuna Sankranti is called Vasumati Snana.

During the festival of Mithuna Sankranti, Mother Earth and Sun God are worshipped. The ancestors are remembered. One should gift or donate clothes as they are considered as highly auspicious. In Odisha people usually go to Lord Jagannath temple and offer prayers. Lord Vishnu is also worshipped. In addition to all these, fasts are also observed. One must avoid eating rice in Sankranti. A bath from any river is considered as sacred.

Muhurat And Sacred Timings Of Mithuna Sankranti 2020

Mithuna Sankranti Time: 12.10 AM, June 14th

Punya Kaal Muhurat: 12.22 PM till 7.20 PM on 14th June

Mahapunya Kaal Muhurat: 5.06 PM to 7.20 PM on 14th June

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