How To Play Bingo! Game?

How old were you when you saw that episode in Mr. Bean when he shouted Bingoooo!

Seems like a long time ago right? Let’s find out how to play this easy game. Although essential items for playing Bingo are readily available in the market, we will show you how to play the Bingo! game with homegrown remedies.

Here are simple step by step explanations to the BINGO!:

Step 1:

Draw 5 by 5 vertical and horizontal lines thus creating 25 empty boxes. Also write BINGO on the top of boxes.

5 by 5 total 25 boxes

Step 2:

In these 25 empty boxes write down random numbers of your choice between 1 to 75 or 1 to 100. It should also be noted that numbers in the boxes should not get repeated. Numbers can be in any sequence written anywhere across 25 boxes.

random numbers

Step 3:

Write down the range of numbers one by one folded individually in chits and mix it well. If the range is between 1-75 then 75 individual chits will be prepared numbered from 1-75 and the same case with 1-100.

Step 4:

You will need a person to remove those numbered chits one by one or else the players playing it will remove it one by one. If the chit numbered happens to be the same number in one of your 25 numbers then you have to cut it. If not you will have to wait till the next chit is removed.

Step 5:

Thus, after every number if you are lucky enough you will start scratching those numbers one by one if they are in your 25 number list. If any of a diagonal, vertical or horizontal line is finished, you will start cutting down letters BINGO written on top one by one. In short One Vertical/horizontal/diagonal finished one letter from BINGO starting with letter B happens to get cut.

Make sure everybody has written the numbers in those 25 boxes.


Since people are becoming smarter day by day, it might happen that when the number is called upon, over smarts would write that particular number at the time of announcing numbers leaving blank spaces to win fast. This potential loophole can happen only while playing at home since they are written with pen/pencil and 25 numbers do not happen to be printed.

Winners can be:

-Fastest to complete any 5 numbers

-First to complete a vertical line

-First to complete a horizontal line

-First to complete a diagonal line

-Fastest to BINGO

Happy Playing!

Suketu K G

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