Netflix Australia New Releases Today on 6th October 2020

In today’s article, we have brought exclusive shows, series, and movies that are going to be released today on Netflix Australia. A total of 1 movie and 0 shows/series are going to be released on Netflix Australia today on 6th October 2020. The movie releasing today in Australia is a Netflix Original.

The following is the schedule of new releases on Netflix in Australia for today.

New Titles Releasing Today on Netflix Australia on 6th October 2020

Starbeam: Halloween Hero

Genre: Animation movie
Initial Date of Release on Netflix Australia:
 6th October
Run-time: 33 minutes
Greedy Captain Fishbeard is stealing everybody’s Halloween treats for himself, but StarBeam and Boost have some tricks up their sleeves to save the day!
Netflix Original: YES

So this is the list of complete titles that are going to be released on Netflix Australia today on 6th October. In today’s release, only the Netflix Original content which is Starbeam: Halloween Hero is going to be released worldwide on Netflix.

For today, there are no such non-Netflix shows, movies, and series that are going to be released on Netflix Australia. It means that there is no exclusive content on Australian Netflix in terms of movies and series for today. The show releasing on Netflix Australia will get a worldwide release today. Netflix has some good, quality, and exclusive content that will be released in the coming days on Netflix Australia.

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