Hubie Halloween Release Time on Netflix: What Time Does Hubie Halloween Premiere on Netflix?

Hubie Halloween is an upcoming movie. The movie is scheduled to release worldwide on 7th October 2020. As Netflix will act as the distributor of the movie, Hubie Halloween is termed as the Netflix Original.

Here, in this article, we look at the worldwide release schedule, time and date of Hubie Halloween movie exclusively on Netflix.

Hubie Halloween Movie Release Time on Netflix

Hubie Halloween movie will release on the midnight of 7th October. according to the Pacific Standard Time (PST) of the United States. So here we look at the global release time of Hubie Halloween movie according to 12:00 AM of the PST of the United States.

Release Time and Date of Hubie Halloween Movie

Release of Hubie Halloween
– Country Wise
Premiere Time of Hubie
Halloween on Netflix
Release Date of
Hubie Halloween
United States
-Eastern Time (ET)03:00 AM7th October 2020
-Pacific TIme12:00 AM7th October 2020
-Eastern Time03:00 AM7th October 2020
-Pacific TIme12:00 AM7th October 2020
United Kingdom08:00 AM7th October 2020
Germany09:00 AM7th October 2020
Switzerland09:00 AM7th October 2020
Singapore03:00 PM7th October 2020
Norway09:00 AM7th October 2020
Sweden09:00 AM7th October 2020
Malaysia03:00 PM7th October 2020
Japan04:00 PM7th October 2020
South Korea04:00 PM7th October 2020
India12:30 PM7th October 2020
Australia03:00 PM – AWST7th October 2020
New Zealand07:00 PM7th October 2020
United Arab Emirates (UAE)11:00 AM7th October 2020
Qatar10:00 AM7th October 2020
Oman11:00 AM7th October 2020
Kuwait10:00 AM7th October 2020
Italy09:00 AM7th October 2020
France09:00 AM7th October 2020
Spain09:00 AM7th October 2020
Portugal08:00 AM7th October 2020

So this was the worldwide release time of Hubie Halloween. If your country is not on this list, don’t worry, just convert your local time into 12:00 AM of Pacific Standard Time. You will then get an idea as to exactly when the comes out on Netflix.

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