Scam 1992 Web Series Release Time on SonyLIV: What Time Does Scam 1992 Premieres on SonyLIV?

Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story is an upcoming web series. Scam 1992 web series will release only on the SonyLIV platform. The web series is based on a true story. A real-life financial fraud scam that rocked the stock market in the year 1992, the web series will show the details on what exactly happened and how the events unfolded.

A much awaited trailer was finally released on 1st October after a month long hype. The trailer was met with a positive response from both critics and fans.

Readout to know more about the release time of SCAM 1992, as to exactly when you can expect to watch the Scam 1992 on SonyLIV.

Scam 1992 Web Series Release Time on SonyLIV

A SonyLIV original web series usually gets a midnight release. By going at the past release times of SonyLIV’s original web series such as Undekhi, JL50, etc all of these web series has a midnight release. Going by their time, Scam 1992 will likely release from 12:01 AM of 9th October i.e. midnight release. It should also be seen that SonyLIV has not given an official statement in this regard. The Scam 1992 web series should release at the midnight, by going at their previous releases.

Pro Tip: A movie or a series on SonyLIV usually gets released 1-1.30 hours before the scheduled release. It means that if you are lucky, you can watch the web series at around 10-10:30 if at all it gets released at the scheduled time.

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