Are Sara Tendulkar and Shubman Gill Dating Each Other? Sara and Shubman Relationship

Celebrity kids often find themselves as the center of attraction. One such celebrity kid we are talking about today is Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter Sara Tendulkar. Being a celeb kid, all your actions, all your comments get noticed.

These days, talk about Sara is incomplete if we don’t talk about Shubman Gill. Shubman is another emerging talent and the star player of the U-19 World Cup. Many people across social media have noticed strange interactions between them. Is Sara, aged 22, having an affair with Shubman Gill? Are these guys dating each other? Readout to know more about the relationship between Sara Tendulkar and Shubman Gill.

Sara Tendulkar and Shubman Gill Affair Status

Here are some reasonable justifications that prove that there is something indeed cooking between these two. Here are some points:

When Sara Uploads an Instagram Story for Shubman

In the first match of KKR, Shubman’s bat didn’t work that well, but he was brilliant on the field. Sara couldn’t resist herself and uploaded an Instagram story where Shubman is seen doing brilliant fieldwork. She also had 3 heart emojis. This raises the suspicion that there’s something between them.

When Shubman copied Sara’s Instagram caption

Sara had uploaded a picture on the 29th of July with the caption “I spy”. Hours later, Shubman also copied Sara’s Instagram caption and posted a photo including the same emoji of an eye.

Sara’s Insta post with “I Spy” caption.

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I spy 👀

A post shared by Sara Tendulkar (@saratendulkar) on

Shubman’s Instagram post with same caption.

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I spy 👀

A post shared by Ꮪhubman Gill (@shubmangill) on

Ain’t this enough to confirm that there’s something cooking between them? Hang on, there’s some more.

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Sara’s heart emoji for Shubman’s new car

This incident happened last year when Shubman had purchased a new car. Sara came up with a sweet reply including heart emoji. Shubman too replied with a heart emoji to thank Sara’s wonderful gesture.

Here’s the conversation between Sara and Shubman.

Hardik too, invaded in the comment section and posted a savage reply. These are some of the many points that prove that Shubman and Sara are indeed dating each other? What’s your opinion or take on this?

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