Did Virat Kohli Tweet Best Of Luck To Every IPL Team Ahead Of IPL 2020: A Fact Check

Celebrities and sports personalities getting caught in new controversy is nothing new. Now, this tweet has not created any controversy, but the day is not far away when stars would be billed and abused for the tweets they never made.

Earlier, it has happened with Shah Rukh Khan and several others. The new victim that has fallen prey to the fake tweet is Indian skipper. Virat Kohli’s latest tweets are being circulated all over social media. Virat Kohli’s tweets are an example of how fake news can be circulated. Here’s looking at whether Virat Kohli really tweet the following tweet? Or it is just a hoax?

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Fact Check: Is Virat Kohli’s Latest Tweet Wishing IPL Teams True?

This tweet, claiming to be of Virat Kohli’s is getting viral on the Internet. The tweet reads,

“Best of Luck RR, KXIP, MI, DC, SRH, CSK and KKR for the upcoming IPL season. #IPL2020.”

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We did check from Virat Kohli’s account and found out Virat Kohli has not made any such tweet. His last tweet came on 24th August, promoting his brand Wrogn. And before that, congratulating Rohit Sharma upon receiving Arjuna Award. So this message, claiming to be Virat Kohli’s latest tweet is completely forged and fake. The person who has photoshopped it has smartly put Virat’s official Twitter id, username with a blue tick, and thousands of retweets and likes with the share button. Virat also conducted a virtual meeting with his RCB teammates. In the meeting, he said to take care and one mistake can cost everyone.

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Fact Check: So the tweet wishing every IPL team a good luck, claiming to be Virat Kohli’s tweet is a complete false and it is advised not to believe such rumors. Double verify the tweets by sports personalities and actors, before forwarding any.

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