IPL 2020 Full Time-Table: IPL 2020 Schedule in UAE From Start to End

Now that dates for IPL are fixed, we can firmly say that the IPL is just around the corner. IPL is all set to start from 19th September and the final being played on 10th November. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, this year IPL will be played in UAE. After BCCI gave green signal, IPL was decided that it will be played in UAE. Here is the gist of the IPL matches to be played.

  • Each team will play at least 14 matches
  • Two games to be played each weekend and one game on weekdays
  • The timings for matches to be played are as per the IST
  • Qualifier 1 – 1st and 2nd placed teams will play in Qualifier 1
  • Eliminator – 3rd and 4th placed teams will play in Eliminator
  • Qualifier 2 – The team that lost in Qualifier 1 will play against the winner of Eliminator
  • Winner of Qualifier 1 will play against the winner of Qualifier 2 in Finals

Here is the full time table and schedule of IPL 2020 that will be played in UAE.

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IPL 2020 Time Table in UAE

DateDayMatchMatch Start Time(IST)
19th SeptemberSaturdayMI vs CSK7:30 PM
20th SeptemberSundayDC vs KXIP7:30 PM
21st SeptemberMondayRCB vs KKR7:30 PM
22nd SeptemberTuesdaySRH vs MI7:30 PM
23rd SeptemberWednesdayCSK vs RR7:30 PM
24th SeptemberThursdayKKR vs DC7:30 PM
25th SeptemberFridayKXIP vs SRH7:30 PM
26th SeptemberSaturdayMI vs RCB3:30 PM
26th SeptemberSaturdayRR vs DC7:30 PM
27th SeptemberSundayKKR vs CSK3:30 PM
27th SeptemberSundayRCB vs SRH7:30 PM
28th SeptemberMondayKXIP vs MI7:30 PM
29th SeptemberTuesdayRR vs KKR7:30 PM
30th SeptemberWednesdayDC vs RCB7:30 PM
1st OctoberThursdayCSK vs KXIP7:30 PM
2nd OctoberFridaySRH vs RR7:30 PM
3rd OctoberSaturdayKKR vs MI7:30 PM
4th OctoberSundayDC vs CSK3:30 PM
4th OctoberSundayKXIP vs RCB7:30 PM
5th OctoberMondayMI vs RR7:30 PM
6th OctoberTuesdaySRH vs KKR7:30 PM
7th OctoberWednesdayKXIP vs CSK7:30 PM
8th OctoberThursdayRCB vs RR7:30 PM
9th OctoberFridayDC vs KKR7:30 PM
10th OctoberSaturdayCSK vs SRH3:30 PM
10th OctoberSaturdayMI vs KXIP7:30 PM
11th OctoberSundayRR vs SRH3:30 PM
11th OctoberSundayRCB vs DC7:30 PM
12th OctoberMondayKKR vs KXIP7:30 PM
13th OctoberTuesdayCSK vs MI7:30 PM
14th OctoberWednesdayRR vs RCB7:30 PM
15th OctoberThursdayKXIP vs KKR7:30 PM
16th OctoberFridaySRH vs DC7:30 PM
17th OctoberSaturdayCSK vs RCB7:30 PM
18th OctoberSundayMI vs KKR3:30 PM
18th OctoberSundayRR vs KXIP7:30 PM
19th OctoberMondaySRH vs CSK7:30 PM
20th OctoberTuesdayMI vs DC7:30 PM
21st OctoberWednesdayKKR vs RR7:30 PM
22nd OctoberThursdayRCB vs KXIP7:30 PM
23rd OctoberFridayDC vs SRH7:30 PM
24th OctoberSaturdayRR vs CSK3:30 PM
24th OctoberSaturdaySRH vs RCB7:30 PM
25th OctoberSundayDC vs MI3:30 PM
25th OctoberSundayCSK vs KKR7:30 PM
26th OctoberMondayKXIP vs RR7:30 PM
27th OctoberTuesdayMI vs SRH7:30 PM
28th OctoberWednesdayCSK vs DC7:30 PM
29th OctoberThursdayKKR vs RCB7:30 PM
30th OctoberFridayRR vs MI7:30 PM
31st OctoberSaturdaySRH vs KXIP3:30 PM
31st OctoberSaturdayDC vs RR7:30 PM
1st NovemberSundayRCB vs CSK3:30 PM
1st NovemberSundayKKR vs SRH7:30 PM
2nd NovemberMondayKXIP vs DC7:30 PM
3rd NovemberTuesdayRCB vs MI7:30 PM
5th NovemberThursdayQualifier 1 – TBA7:30 PM
6th NovemberFridayEliminator – TBA7:30 PM
8th NovemberSundayQualifier 2 – TBA7:30 PM
10th NovemberTuesdayFINAL – TBA7:30 PM

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Disclaimer: This is just a draft schedule. The dates and days of matches that are to be played may change.

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