Is Deccan Chargers Coming Back in IPL 2020? Speculations Arise

Deccan Chargers was one of the prominent teams that participated in the Indian Premier League. It was one of the 8 teams made at the beginning of IPL. Deccan Chargers was a part of 5 IPL tournaments from 2008-2012. After 2012, Deccan Chargers was dissolved and was replaced by Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Today, Deccan Chargers has made it to the headlines again. Is it possible that Deccan Chargers coming back to IPL? Readout to know more.

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Why is Deccan Chargers trending today?

To understand the comeback of Deccan Chargers, we have to first go back to August 2012, when a dispute arose between BCCI and Deccan Chargers. BCCI had issued a show-cause notice to the team for their termination on 11th August 2012, which the promoters of Deccan Chargers thought it was “trivial matters”. BCCI gave them a 30-days period to rectify the matter. IPL in its meeting on the 29th day itself chose to terminate the team.

The Deccan Chargers thought BCCI discriminated against them because other teams were awarded the ban for a year or two for illegal activities. But they were terminated for a lifetime. Deccan Chargers’ owner, Deccan Chronicles Holdings Limited (DCHL) sought damages worth Rs. 6046 crores along with interest and charges as per the terms of agreement. An arbitrator appointed by the Bombay High Court found the termination of Deccan Chargers illegal and directed BCCI to compensate DCHL and its promoters a sum of Rs. 8000 crores including interest costs.

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Will Deccan Chargers feature in the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL)?

The fans are very excited to hear about the vintage Deccan Chargers team doing rounds on social media regarding the teams’ comeback. The fans would be very sad to hear that Deccan Chargers will not make its comeback anytime soon. No official confirmation has been received from the IPL as well. As Sunrisers Hyderabad has fixed its position, the chances of the comeback of Deccan Chargers look diminished.

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