What If The Ranji Final, Semi-Final or Quarter Final Match Happens To Be A Draw?

Unlike the international test matches which give no result even after playing for 5 days, the rules of Ranji Trophy are different.

Let us consider some possible examples:

Scenario 1:

In Ranji final, if the match ends with no result even after playing straight 5 days of the match, the winner is decided on the basis of 1st innings lead. If a team has a lead in the 1st innings of the match it automatically wins the title.

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Scenario 2:

It should also be noted that if a team is trailing in 1st innings but they have established themselves in a commanding position in 2nd innings, it would be of no use unless they put the other team to bat in 2nd innings and take all 10 wickets before reaching the teams total.

Example when we put in runs:

For eg. Team Kerala has made 300 runs in 1st innings and team Maharashtra has made 400. If in the 2nd innings Kerala makes 350 runs and while chasing Maharashtra is at 100/9, still requiring 151 runs to win and quota of 5th day has finished, team Maharashtra will win because of 1st innings lead. The position of 2nd innings will not be looked upon unless there is a result. If there is no result, the result of the 1st innings is final.

It should also be noted that results of knockout stages of the Ranji trophy which is quarter-final and semi-final stages, results are finalized in the same way as they are done in finals.

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