When Virat Kohli Blocked His Follower On Instagram

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a halt in all the day-to-day activities of people. Sports personalities are indifferent from commoners when it comes to following the lockdown.

Online trolls are nothing new for cricketers. Online existence of sports personalities and trolling them has always been happening side-by-side, since the beginning of social media. One such incident is shared by a Quora user named Shivang Mathur.

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Why Virat Kohli Blocked his Follower on Instagram?

So this happened on 18th June when all the cricketers including Virat Kohli are staying at home in quarantine following lockdown rules. Everyone knows that Virat Kohli is an avid reader. Whenever he gets time, he does something meaningful. So on this particular day, the Indian captain shared a picture of him reading a book.

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A photo shared by Virat Kohli on his official Instagram account.

The Quora user took a dig and commented from his Instagram account on Virat Kohli’s post saying,

“Itni mehngi ghadi ghar me pehan k kaun baithta hai bhai”

The English translation of this comment means, Who wears such an expensive watch at home

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The Quora user thought his comment was a bit hilarious and people would like and reply to his comment. So after a couple of minutes, the user went back to his comment and he couldn’t find it. So the user searched for Virat’s profile and this is what he found.

View of Virat Kohli’s profile from users’ account.

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This is the view what Quora user got when he searched for Virat Kohli’s profile on Instagram. Virat Kohli had blocked him after he made a comment on his post. The user also said that he was left in splits. He was also shocked because his comment, in no way as to offend anyone. The user was shocked and happy too since he was blocked by none other than Virat himself.

Many users commented on that particular Quora post. One user noted that funny comments on a celebrity account’s post may lead to similar types of multiple funny comments on their posts. So to curb these activities, generally influencers, sportsman, and actors delete these types of negative comments.

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