Who is Bhavesh Raina That Virat Kohli Wished Him on His Retirement? Who is Suresh “Bhavesh” Raina?

Wishes poured in for Suresh Raina on his exemplary and illustrious career. From coaches to his dressing room teammates, many people wished Raina a very best for his future endeavors. One wish also came from Indian cricket skipper Virat Kohli. Here’s what Kohli wished to his former dressing room teammate Suresh Raina.

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Virat Kohli Retirement Wish to Suresh Raina

In the tweet wishing Suresh Raina good luck, Virat tweeted,

“Congratulations on a top career Bhavesh. Goodluck with everything ahead. @ImRaina”.

Cricket fans seemed confused as to who exactly was Virat Kohli wishing to. Who is Bhavesh? Is Bhavesh Raina a younger brother of Suresh Raina? Is Bhavesh another sportsperson? Who exactly is Bhavesh that Virat Kohli wished? Here’s the probable answer.

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Virat Kohli Wishes to Raina: Who is Bhavesh in Kohli’s Tweet?

We have found out that there is no other person named Bhavesh that retired on the same day. Virat has most likely typed “Bhavesh” instead of “Suresh”. These names also sound familiar, rhyming, and identical. Even if there is no mistake on the part of Virat Kohli, if he has purposely written “Bhavesh” instead of “Suresh”, there would definitely be a reason behind it. Maybe Suresh’s teammates would address Suresh as Bhavesh, who knows. So long story short, the name “Bhavesh” in Virat Kohli’s tweet has been addressed to “Suresh” Raina only.

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Suresh Raina Retirement Statement

Minutes after MS Dhoni announced his retirement from the international format, Suresh Raina too followed his mentor cum friends footsteps. In the emotional post, Raina said,

“It was nothing but lovely playing with you, @mahi7781 . With my heart full of pride, I choose to join you in this journey. Thank you India. Jai Hind!”

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