Why Virat Kohli Named Simranjeet Singh On His Jersey? Who is Simranjeet Singh? Simranjeet Singh on Virat Kohli’s Jersey

There will be a change in the name of Royal Challengers Bangalore players in jersey in the first match vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH). You must have noticed that the Twitter usernames of Virat, ABD, and Chahal have also been changed. Their usernames have been changed to Simranjeet Singh, Paritosh Pant, and Dr. Sachin Nayak. So who are these people? Why Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers have they donned their names on the jersey?

Who are Simranjeet Singh, Dr. Nayak, and Paritosh Pant?

As the tribute to the COVID-19 warriors, the RCB team will wear the jerseys bearing their name. In the following video, the names of Dr. Sachin Nayak, Paritosh pant, Simranjeet Singh, Shahnawaz Shaikh, Rhea Shah, Swati Raval, Arup Sengupta, etc are taken.

They all are COVID warriors which Virat Kohli and his team are extremely proud of their contribution towards the country. The name of COVID warriors on the jersey of RCB players will feature in practice matches and all the matches that RCB will play in the 13th edition of IPL. The name on jerseys is the part of RCBs “MY COVID HEROES” campaign. The tribute comes as a mark of respect and it should also be seen that these COVID warriors are alive and well.

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Virat Kohli on Name Change in Jersey’s

AS a tribute to COVID heroes, the RCB skipper said,

“I am truly proud to wear RCB’s “My COVID Heroes” jersey as a sign of solidarity and gratitude to everyone who is right now going the extra mile to support the community at large. They have batted day and night and fought on the field, and I am honored to call them my heroes.”

Who is Dr. Sachin Nayak?

Dr. Nayak treated people infected with COVID in hospitals. To make sure his family doesn’t come in contact with him, Dr. Nayak sleeps in the car. Yuzvendra Chahal will wear Dr. Nayak’s name jersey.

Who is Paritosh Pant?

AB de Villiers will wear the jersey featuring the name of Paritosh Pant. He owns a restaurant. Mr. Pant has served the needy and poor people in the lockdown. He has also provided free food to thousands of people that too 2 times a day.

Who is Simranjeet Singh?

Virat Kohli will wear the jersey bearing the name of Simranjeet Singh. Singh, a hearing-impaired, along with his friends raised Rs. 98000 to help people during the COVID pandemic. RCB skipper Virat Kohli will wear the jersey of Simranjeet Singh.

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