6 Best & Useful Educational App/Websites For E-Learning

In this ever-growing digital world it is not possible to exist without digital solutions. Just like food, clothing, and shelter, e-learning has now become a necessity.

With easy to use mobile-friendly apps coming up day by day have made it easy for students to learn anything at any given point of time. The educational sector in India is worth over $100 billion and the recent trends show it is increasing with each passing day.

Benefits Of E-learning

When it comes to e-learning India comes second only after the US. E-learning helps in saving the travel time of students, the burden to carry heavy books gets reduced & they can spend their quality time in extracurricular activities

Here Are Some Of The Best E-learning Apps/Websites For Students

Byju’s – The Learning App

Byju’s is the household name in India when it comes to e-learning. Founded in the year 2011 by Byju Raveendran it has been growing exponentially and has never looked back since then. Byju’s covers a variety of courses for the students ranging from content for primary education to prepare for higher-level examinations.

Fee structure varies from course to course. Courses for higher level competitive examinations such as IAS, JEE, NEET are also offered. Due to its tremendous success Byju’s is receipient of several international awards.

Availability – iOS/Android

Rating on Play Store– 4.6/5

Fun Fact: In the year 2018, Byju’s became a unicorn with valuation being over $1 billion.

Khan Academy: Free Learning App

The best part about Khan Academy is that its free. One can learn a variety of courses without having to spend a penny. It is a not-for-profit organization & primarily funded through donations. Khan Academy has made over 10,000+ videos on various topics initially focusing on Maths and Science.

Khan Academy’s mission is to provide free and world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Khan Academy doesn’t focus on providing education standard wise but instead covers the topic in general. Along with the availability in Spanish and English, it is available in dozens of other languages.

Availability: Android/iOS/Windows

Rating on Play Store – 4.3/5

Duolingo: Learn English Free

The Wall Street Journal rated Duolingo as “The best free language learning app”. It truly is. Duolingo offers tons of languages for learning – that too for free. Apart from some premium content, most of the features are free. When it comes to learning new languages, Duolingo is a highly rated, most reliable and recommended app.

Availability: Android/iOS/Windows

Rating on Play Store: 4.7/5


Ever heard of solving a math problem with just a simple photo click? no right? PhoneMath works on phones camera through which it recognizes mathematical problems and displays step by step solution on screen. This app is free of cost.

PhotoMath specializes in text recognition software. It is also known as the camera calculator. The best part of PhotoMath is that along with the printed text it also recognizes handwritten math problems. Who said Math is difficult when you have PhotoMath?

Availability: iOS/Android

Rating on Play Store: 4.6/5

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From secondary to higher education, from multiple state boards to providing ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE, from science to commerce, Toppr has everything in their bucket list. Toppr is one of the fastest-growing e-learning platforms in India.

One can use Toppr for free for online and live class. It has various plans if you wish to use the advanced features of the course.

Availability: iOS/Android

Rating On Play Store: 4.2/5

Unacademy Learning App

The founder of this e-learning platform includes a doctor who is also an IAS. Initially started off as a YouTube channel, it subsequently grew to India’s premier e-learning institute. Course’s variety includes – UPSC, NEET-UG, CA, IIT-JEE, etc

Availability – iOS/Android

Rating – 4.5/5

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