8 Websites From Where Instagram Reels can be Downloaded: Where to Download Instagram Reels Videos?

Instagram Reels were launched to compete with TikTok. Initially launched in just a few countries, now Instagram Reels have taken over the entire business of TikTok at a global level.

Many of you all have been asking us about where to how to download Instagram Reels videos. Downloading Instagram Reels are very simple. Downloading Instagram Reels is just like downloading Instagram Videos. Here’s How you can download Instagram Reels on your Android or iOS mobile.

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How to Download Instagram Reels

Here we will show you how to download Instagram Reels videos without downloading any 3rd party app.

Step 1: Copy the Video link

The Instagram Reels video link can be copied after tapping on those 3 dots and selecting “copy link” option.

Step 2: Paste the copied link in any of the below mentioned websites

The copied Instagram Reels video link can be pasted at any of the following mentioned websites. We have listed a total of 8 websites where you can paste the copied Reels video link and download the Instagram Reels.

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Websites where Instagram Reels Video can be downloaded


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So these are some of the 8 prominent websites from where you can download Instagram Reels videos. All these websites are tried and tested by us. After using these websites, you won’t need any 3rd party app for downloading Instagram Reels videos.

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