At What Time PUBG Will Be Banned In India? Date and Time of PUBG Ban in India

The ban on PUBG has received a mixed response so far. Many consider a ban on PUBG as the surgical strike, while others are still recovering from the sudden shock.

The PUBG ban will only be effective for iOS and Android devices for now. The ban of 118 apps has, however, not come into effect so far. So the question arises:

  • What is the PUBG ban time?
  • When will PUBG be banned in India?
  • What is the date and time of the PUBG mobile ban in India?

How PUBG Ban In India Take Place?

A ban of over 100 apps does not happen with a simple click. Banning apps is not as easy as switching a light on and off. This process can take days or sometimes weeks. After the ban, the Indian government informs all the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Jio, Airtel, etc to block the PUBG connection servers. Along with ISPs, the government also notifies Google and Apple to remove or delist the banned apps (PUBG, PUBG Lite, and 116 others) from the Indian market. This process can take hours, days, or sometimes weeks.

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Date and Time of PUBG Ban in India

There is no specific timing and date provided by the government that states the validity of PUBG and PUBG Lite. After the ban becomes effective from ISPs, Google, and Apple, the PUBG users won’t see the game ever again in the Play Store and App Store. Till then, the users can play as much as they want. For now, you can even download PUBG and PUBG Lite from the Play Store and App Store.

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How To Play PUBG After Ban?

PUBG and PUBG Lite ban will be effective only for iOS and Android devices, not for PCs/Laptops. One thing that should be noted is that the government has only banned PUBG mobile app, which is developed by Tencent, a Chinese company, licensed from a South Korean company. The PC version is developed and made by a South Korean company. Despite PUBG getting banned from mobile, you will still be able to access, download, and play the game from a PC/Laptop.

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