Download Instagram Reels app: Where to download Instagram Reels

Instagram launched a new feature known as Reels. Instagram will take on its closest rival TikTok as the features are similar to the app. Popularly known as “Instagram Reels”, Instagram had already developing a short-video format feature in November 2019. Here we look at how and where to download Instagram Reels.

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Download Instagram reels in iPhone and Android

Instagram has not launched an app specifically for Instagram Reels. The feature of Reels is in-built in the app. If you are not able to see the Reels video or upload your personal Reels, what you can do is update your Instagram app from App Store or Play Store. It will then automatically show up the latest features. To download Instagram Reels app for iOS and Android, one simply has to update the Instagram app. This is how iOS and Android users can use the Instagram Reels seamlessly.

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About Instagram Reels

Instagram launched a new feature “Reels” perfectly at the time when India, being the largest market for TikTok banned the app along with 58 other apps. As said, Instagram was working on a new video format since 2019 and saw this opportunity to gain further market. Instagram is likely to make inroads in rural areas of India where TikTok was quite popular and Instagram is not much known.

Instagram Reels has launched worldwide on 8th July make. India accounted for a 40% share of the total TikTok users. The users migrating from TikTok on the already established platform, Instagram’s market share and user retention rate is likely to increase.

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