Elyments app OTP not received & solution; Elyments app not working

Elyments is the most ambitious project and India’s answer to the world in the creation of a social networking app. The app has not even completed 24 hours of launch and the Elyments app is already facing trouble in login and sign up. Read more to know what is exact trouble faced by the users of Elyments.

Elyments app not working

The problem with Elyments app is that even after downloading the app with 60 MB in size in Play Store and 190 MB in the App Store, users are facing a sign-up issue.

As seen from the picture, we tried signing up with two different numbers in the Elyments app. We waited for 2 minutes for the OTP. We were amazed to see the OTP not being received.

Elyments OTP not received

Several users took social media to share the issue soon the people realized that they were not the only ones facing this issue. OTP verification of the Elyments app has disappointed users who were really excited about using the app.

Elyments app not working solution

Several users have shared their problems on social media. Many have given taunts to the app saying 2020 shall pass and OTP would still be on its way. As of now, the Elyments team has not given a solution to the problem. For the problem, you can write to Elyments either at support@elyments.com or Tweet at @ElymentsApp.

About Elyments app

Elyments app is a major push towards the dream of self-reliant India. The app is created by close to 1000 IT professionals who are a part of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s “The Art of Living” organization. Elyments was inaugurated by none other than India’s vice president, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu himself. The app is available in more than 150 countries including the US, China, and UK.

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